Here are the nine secrets of professional SEO article writers.

Search Engine Optimization writers search and research on designated topics before writing about them. Writing a bunch of words and submitting the work is not being true to your work. Being an SEO writer means researching and writing about relevant topics for readers to read and educate them. These articles should be written in such a manner that it attracts and keeps your readers hooked on it.

Achieve a good network and readership by following a few tips before you write your next article.

Research keywords

Research on keywords about the relevant topics and what entertains the readers to stay on the same page. Use specific tools to keep count of how much keywords are repeated through the article. SEMrush is usually the go-to tool chosen by other expert writers it’s here I found out some golden coffee keywords.

Emphasis on keywords

Despite the repetition of them, keywords are to be stressed in the article especially in the first three hundred words as it accompanies the relevance of the topic. These original words should come naturally while writing the article and should be sensible and not nonsense.

Write about interesting topics

Do not write just for the sake of it and bore the readers to skip the page or blog. Write about something that attracts the readers and in an entertaining manner which lures them in. It should not be false facts. Whatever you write, write proper content with backed up pieces of evidence to educate them while entertaining them with the tone of the article.

Understand the base

Being an SEO writer doesn’t mean you have to be good at coding or other technical matters. If you have a passion for writing, reading and researching new articles and topics, it is more than enough to get you started.

Minimum word count

A typical article should a minimum of three hundred words. Although it has been observed that shorter the pieces with minimal information, the lesser are the readers. More substantial articles with more word counts of at least thousand to two thousand with adequate content have seen vice versa.

Follow up

After publishing an article online, do not forget to follow it up to improve your prospects of future articles. Systematically observe data like bounce rate, time on each link, and page per session using Google Analytics.

Don’t forget to edit your work

Always remember to edit your article after writing it. Keep an eye out for those red and green underlined words as these can affect the viewership. Moreover making it appeal to the eye is an added advantage by added subheadings and using different fonts appropriately.

Be your PR agency

Link your articles all over the web, comment and be active on other blogs which link back to you, publicise as much as you can by submitting your work to the various forum like Reddit and StumbleUpon.

Practice makes perfect

Becoming an SEO writer will take practice and time, so don’t worry. Gradually your writing speed, ability to filter research will improve, and you can slowly avail additional training if needed.

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